Lorenzo Masia

Research Support Grants



U.S. National Institutes of Health, 5U01-HL127479-02 (NIH Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hub Program) (2016-2018)   

"WristBot: A robotic system for the diagnosis and physical rehabilitation of sensory and motor dysfunction of the wrist and hand".


• Amount:   US$150,000.00 (Award Period:  2 years) (United States)


Spring fund for Industrial Alignment (2017-8)

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Smart Exosuits for Human Augmentation in Industrial Working Environment

Principal investigator

Industrial alignment funds for the design of new wearable assistive technology in Industrial Environment.

• Amount:   S$ 108,000 (Award Period:  1 years)


National HealthCare Group  (2017-20)

Smart Rehabilitation Exosuits for Clinic and Home Assistance

Principal investigator

Evaluation of smart soft exosuit for training in clinical environment and deploying the system for home care.

• Amount:   S$500,000 (Award Period:   3 years)


National HealthCare Group  (2016-18)

"Wristbot: a novel device for Assessment of Proprioceptive deficits after stroke"

Principal investigator

A novel wrist device, designed by Dr Masia, will be used in a randomized control trial on stroke subject to test the relation between motor recovery and sensory deficits.

• Amount:   S$249,998.45 (Award Period:   2 years) (Singapore)


Singapore Health Services (2016-18)

"Robot-aided system for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of wrist motor and proprioceptive function in stroke patients"

Principal investigator

The wrist device is used to run proprioceptive rehabilitation and assessment in stroke subjects.

• Amount:   S$300,000.00 (Award Period:   2 years) (Singapore)



National Research Foundation: Robotic for Additive Manufacturing (2014-present)

"Material Delivery Systems for construction additive manufacturing".

Principal investigator

The purpose of the project is designing a new generation of robotic devices for medium scale building constructions. The system is intended to be autonomous and able to use a novel generation of concrete which can be deployed like 3D printing technology. I will be in charge for the robotic arm and Nozzle design.

• Amount: S$ 2,647,500.00 ((Award Period:   10 years) (Singapore)


Ministry of Education TIER1 (2014-present)

"Multi-Nested Myoelectric Control of a Compliant Composite Actuation for Exoskeletons".

Principal investigator

Goal of the project is designing novel assisitve technology based on underactuated mechanism and biometric signals acquisition. The project is intended to explore the feasibility of a wearable system using embedded control and preliminary trials on humans.

• Amount S$90,497.00 (2014 - 2017) (Singapore)


IGS NTU Interdisciplinary Graduate School (2013-present)

Principal investigator

the project is an investigation grant for exploring the possibility to integrate non -invasive brain stimulation and robotic rehabilitation in clinical practice.

• Amount: 1 Research Scholarship (4 year PhD Position): 240.000 S$ (2014 - 2018) (Singapore)


ST-Engineering NTU (2013-present)

Robotic Exoskeleton for Human Augmentation based on multistable composite materials

Principal investigator

The goal is to produce a new physical substrate for Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology with higher levels of embedded intelligence and to provide design solutions for a novel generation of machines. The new Robots must embody the very physical principles which shape the robot’s behaviour, efficiently modulating human interaction by a revolutionary concept of high performance actuation for haptics based on the combination of classical robotics for motor restoration and movement assistance by employing Compliant Carbon Fibre Morphing Structures.

• Amount: 1 Research Scholarship (4 year PhD Position): 240.000 S$ (2013 - 2017) (Singapore)


ACIRAS (2012-2014)

Robotic and Cybernetic Devices for supporting Clinical Rehabilitation

National Grants

Principal investigator

Lorenzo Masia will coordinate the research of the ACIRAS Project for the design of Robotic Rehabilitation Devices for Clinical partners in the project and industries which are part of the consortium.

• Amount: 230,000.00 € (2013 - 2015) (Italian National Funds)


IIT-INAIL (2011-2013)

Joint facility Italian Institute of Technology and INAIL (National workers compensation Authority)

National Grants

Principal investigator

Lorenzo Masia will coordinate research and scientific activity of the joint clinical facility IIT-INAIL in Centre for Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy of INAIL, (Volterra, Florence, Italy).

• Amount: 200,000.00 € (2013 - 2015) (Italian National Funds)


VIACTORS (2009-2012)

Variable Impedance ACTuatORS

European Commission, STREP, Project ICT-231554, Cognitive Systems and Robotics

Work-package Leader

Lorenzo Masia is leading the IIT team for the WP2 on Robotics for Biological Neuro-Mechanical Control. Joining the Imperial College (IC) group led by Prof. Etienne Burdet, the purpose of the WP is measuring human-robot interaction at level of muscular impedance modulation operated by CNS (Central Nervous System). Fulcrum of the joint Team (IIT-IC) is the mechanical device for end point stiffness evaluation developed by Lorenzo Masia used to test the real impedance delivered by the actuators and performing measures on human.

Nick Tsagarakis (PI)

Alin Albu-Schäffer (Project Coordinator)

• Amount: 372,000.00 € (2013 - 2015) (European Community Funds)


HUMOUR (2009-2012)

HUman behavioral Modeling for enhancing learning by Optimizing hUman-Robot interaction

European Commission, STREP Project ICT-231724, Cognitive Systems and Robotics

Work-package Leader

Lorenzo Masia leads the WP2 for design & development of modular hardware architecture for control of assistance in human-robot interaction.

Vittorio Sanguineti (Project Coordinator)

• Amount: 550,820.00 € (European Community Funds)



POETICON (2009-2012)

The Poetics of everyday Life: Grounding Resources and Mechanism for Artificial Agents

European Commission STREP Project ICT-215843, Cognitive Systems and Robotics


The aim of this study was to investigate the motor synergies governing precision grip of various objects by analyzing kinematic data and grip force parameters on monkeys. Lorenzo Masia designed and implemented the hardware and control software for the study: made by a four degree of freedom parallel mechanism instrumented by piezo-resistive tactile array, the device is able to reconfigure its end effector in different shapes, inducing the subject (animal) to adapt the pinch configuration to the specific changes in grip force during the various phases of grasping.

Giorgio Metta (Principal Investigator)

Katerina Pastra (Project Leader)

• Amount: 310,870.00 € (European Community Funds)





Investigating Robot Rehabilitation Technology in Paediatric Application and starting up a Joint Lab with a clinical partner

Paolo Cappa (Project Coordinator)

• Amount: 220,000.00 € (Italian National Funds)

New Journal on Rehabilitation Technology

Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering (click here)

Lorenzo MASIA (Associate Editor)



Journal Topics

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International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics

Singapore 11th-14th August 2015 Hosted by NTU

General Chair: Wei Tech ANG

Program Chair: Lorenzo MASIA



IEEE BIOROB 2016 (clickhere)



  • L. Masia, Nanyang Tech. University
  • S. Kukreja, National University of Singapore





Lorenzo MASIA Editor of Biorob 2014



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