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masia2The ARIES Lab is one of the Robotic Labs at NTU: it is a space where students and researchers interact, collaborate, generate ideas and inventions. The mission is designing technology for Rehabilitation, Assistive Devices and finding solutions to improve the Ergonomics in Haptic Interfaces.  We start with an idea and we design our own technology, we implement the control and run the experiments. The ARIES Lab research focuses on the development of diagnostic, therapeutic and assistive devices to promote motor recovery, and social re-integration of the patients in activities of daily living. Our research aims to drastically change the present understanding of human/robot interaction and rehabilitation and to produce a new physical substrate for Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology with higher levels of embedded intelligence.

an ordinary day in the lab........

an ordinary day in the lab........


Chris is controlling the virtual arm through EMG signals

DSC 3587-2

Sara is running experiments on proprioceptive thresholds by the Wrist Device

 testing the Biomechanical Simulator by the Wrist Robot

 Domenico Formica wondering....."why does not work?"

....we love mechanics, but not always works as we wish!

we love programming also......

sometimes is not always love......


DSC 3566

but playing is always our target!

DSC 3520


DSC 3504-2 

and for us it is never too much!!!

New Journal on Rehabilitation Technology

Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering (click here)

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International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics

Singapore 11th-14th August 2015 Hosted by NTU

General Chair: Wei Tech ANG

Program Chair: Lorenzo MASIA



IEEE BIOROB 2016 (clickhere)



  • L. Masia, Nanyang Tech. University
  • S. Kukreja, National University of Singapore





Lorenzo MASIA Editor of Biorob 2014



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